At Braemar Hospital we have over 100 credentialed Medical Associates, with all of the major surgical specialties covered. Your patients may be referred to Braemar Medical Associates on the basis of qualification, training, specialisation and experience.

We offer a full range of facilities and equipment designed to provide your patients with the most appropriate level of care. These include a Special Care Unit (ICU/HDU) and a purpose built day area. Find out more about Braemar specialists services and treatments here.

We hold certification under the Health and Disability Sector (Safety) Act for a full three-year period and the AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 certification.

At Braemar we accept all patients – regardless of which insurance company they may belong to, or indeed, regardless of whether they have insurance cover or not. Patient survey results continue at our traditionally high rates with over 99% rating our service as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Above Average’.

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