The country moved to the orange traffic light setting from midnight on 13 April 2022. We have updated our patient testing and visitor policies effective from Tuesday 19 April 2022.


Patient Testing

Patient Covid-19 testing via a Rapid Antigen Test is required for all procedures.

We encourage you to self-test on the day prior to coming to the hospital. Please bring a photo of the test with you as you’ll be asked to show our Reception Team. If you are unable to do the test yourself, it can be done by us when you arrive at the hospital.


Visitor Policy Main Hospital

One visitor or support person per patient is permitted.

We ask that this one visitor / support person is the same person for the entire patient admission. We ask that visitors’ movement around the hospital is restricted as much as possible to the patient’s room.

The visitor / support person will be provided a face mask to wear whilst they are in the hospital.

We will issue visitors with a visitor pass the first time they enter the hospital which they will be required to bring with them on subsequent visits.

Visitors will be required to take a RAT test prior to each visit to the hospital. The visitor will be asked to show a photo of the negative RAT test on arrival.

Two parents or caregivers will be permitted for paediatric patients.

If you require more information about our visitor policy please phone the hospital on 843 1899.