Insured Patients

Braemar Hospital accepts all patients – regardless of which insurance company they may belong to. These include Aetna Health, AIA, Police Health Plan, PSIS, Sovereign, Southern Cross Healthcare, Sovereign, Tower and Unimed, and others.

Your patients need to gain prior approval from their health insurance company before admission to hospital and, once approved, keep the health insurer up to date on the progress of their treatment. This enables the insurance company to pay their share of the account rather than your patient paying first and having to claim a refund later.

Please note that some insurance policies do not cover all medical or surgical costs. There may also be exclusions on some patients’ policies. If that is the case your patient will need to meet the cost not covered by their insurance company.

Self-funding (uninsured) patients

Many people choose to self-fund their healthcare costs, and may specifically request that GPs refer them to Braemar Hospital for our renowned surgical innovation and expertise, and also for the quality of post-surgery care in 5-star surroundings.

Your patients can be assured that Braemar Hospital’s fees are very competitive, nationally and locally. A Braemar Hospital specialist can provide an estimate of the likely costs of the procedure.

A portion of all hospital fees gets reinvested in our leading-edge organisation and is also paid to our charitable owner to fund, among other things, free surgeries for members of the community who could not otherwise access the right care. Many of our surgeons and anaesthetists donate their time, pro-bono, for these surgeries.


March 2024