I have an injury covered by ACC

Braemar Hospital has a contract with ACC for the delivery of surgical and other services.

If your treatment is to be covered by ACC, you must have written approval from them before you are admitted to hospital. In addition, the approval from ACC must state whether they will pay part or all of your hospital account.

When the ACC contribution is a part payment you will be expected to pay the balance within seven days of receiving your invoice.

If you incur additional costs not covered by ACC (such as telephone, extra meals or having a relative stay with you in hospital), you will also be required to pay the balance on departure.

Ask your GP to refer you to a Braemar Hospital specialist.  This will enable you to have your surgery at Braemar.

Check my insurance

Braemar Hospital accepts all New Zealand health insurance policies and some overseas policies.

You will need to obtain prior approval from your health insurance company before your admission.

Please note that some policies do not cover all of your medical or surgical costs.  There may also be exclusions on your policy.  If that is the case you will need to meet the cost not covered by your insurance company.

If your insurance provider is not listed below, please complete the online inquiry form or phone our reception 07 843 1899 to discuss your options.