You are welcome to involve your family in your care as much or as little as you wish. Please indicate to the nursing staff if you would like them to be more or less involved.

Following your arrival at reception, we will check your details and ensure that we have all the general information that we require from you. The receptionist will put a wrist label on you after checking that all your identification information is accurate. They will take some contact details if you would like your next of kin to be contacted by the surgeon following your operation.

After you have been shown to your room, your nurse will admit you and prepare you for your surgery. Your surgeon and anaesthetist may also visit you.

A nurse will be allocated to care for you each shift. They will introduce themselves to you at the beginning of their shift.

When admitting you for your surgical procedure your nurse will go over the details you have provided on the Health Questionnaire and Consent for Treatment forms you have already completed. Before receiving any pre-medication your nurse will verify with you that you have received all the information you require from the surgeon and anaesthetist regarding the procedure and arrange this as necessary. You will also be given explanations about what to expect whilst in hospital.

The nurse will assist you as necessary and take your recordings. Other nursing procedures may be necessary prior to your surgery. We encourage you to let us know if you have any special requirements that we can assist you with. We will provide you with an estimate of your operation and recovery time.

If possible, please place your personal belongings in the wardrobe or cupboard, prior to going to the Operating Room. If you have valuables that you would like to be secured while you are in theatre, please ask your nurse. We regret that we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss of valuables during your stay in hospital.