Braemar Hospital uses technology that harnesses the power of the digital age, the internet and other emerging technologies for the benefit of surgeons and their patients.

The hospital uses Digital Operating Rooms (DORs) where surgical equipment and support systems are integrated to create the ideal environment for efficient, comfortable surgery. With the DOR control system, surgeons and operating room staff use touch panel commands to adjust cameras, endoscopic and other medical devices, retrieve still and moving images and other patient information at the touch of a button.

Still and moving images taken during surgery can be captured and stored centrally or attached to patient medical records. Surgeon preferences are stored within the system and can be readily called up each time the surgeon operates or can be adjusted to suit particular procedures.

Braemar Hospital uses the Olympus Endo ALPHA system which it consider to be the leading edge of surgical imaging. It meets the needs of surgeons and operating room staff and will bring the best possible benefits of high-definition, minimally invasive surgery to patients.

Hospital CEO Fiona Michel says this is a prime example of how the hospital is continually reinvesting in itself to improve outcomes on all fronts – for staff, for specialists and for patients. “We’re already known for our investment in leading-edge clinical equipment and we see every day how that positively impacts on our patients. We are committed to ensuring Braemar continues to be an innovative provider of surgical excellence.”


March 2024