Braemar Hospital is 100% owned by the Braemar Charitable Trust.

Our philosophy is to re-invest our surpluses back into the hospital for the benefit of referring clinicians and their patients. You can be assured that patients are charged a very reasonable fee by national standards and that any surpluses made will be re-invested back into the hospital for the on-going benefit of the patients of the greater Waikato region.

Braemar Hospital is not listed on the stock exchange, we do not have to pay large dividends to private shareholders, we are not run remotely by a parent company, and we do not have to make a contribution to the running of a corporate head office.

This philosophy has assured Braemar’s growth over the years, seen a large investment into the latest of medical technology, and has helped to fund the building of a new hospital at Ohaupo Road.

By doctors … for doctors and their patients.

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